Free e-books

Yiquan Academy is offering following free e-books for on-line reading and download.


1. Yiquan. Kung Fu Revolution

History of Yiquan, especially the line: Wang Xiangzhai -> Yao Zongxun -> Yao Chengguang. PDF 55 pages.


2. Zhan Zhuang Qigong. You can feel it!

Introduction to basic Yiquan training for health and wellness. PDF 69 pages.


3. Yiquan essays

 Collection of essays on Yiquan, including translations from Chinese, published at Yiquan Academy site in years 1996-2010. PDF 189 pages.


4. Yiquan Academy events

 Reports from Yiquan Academy seminars and courses in years 2001-2006. As since 2006 most events were recorded on video, they are not included in this e-book. PDF 31 pages.


5. The right path of yiquan

The first work of Wang Xiangzhai, written in 1920s, PDF, 28 pages. 


6. Essence of combat science

Interviews with Yiquan founder Wang Xianghzhai made in 1940s, PDF, 21 pages.


7. Central pivot of the way of fist 

Wang Xiangzhai's book from 1940s, PDF, 46 pages


8. Zhan Zhuang

Collection of Wang Xiangzhai's essays about health aspect of Yiquan. PDF 41 pages


9. Theory of fist art

Written by Zhao Daoxin - one of the top students of Wang Xiangzhai, PDF 39 pages

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