Practice benefits

By learning yiquan you can:

  • Become physically fit and develop self-defense skills
    • the exercises help to enhance strength, stamina, agility, fast reaction,
    • help to achieve very subtle levels of co-ordination,
    • develop efficient use of body in combat and in various life situations.

  • Improve health and well being
    • the exercises are a great method of relax, helping to remove tension and tiredness caused by stress, they also help to learn to act efficiently in challenging situations, without the effect of accumulating stress,
    • help to feel well,
    • improve the ability of focusing and efficient learning,
    • mildly stimulate whole body and internal organs, improving immunological resistance, enhancing body's ability of self-regulating,
    • in China these exercises are used as a method of health cultivation and supplemental therapy and rehabilitiation in hospitals and sanatoria.

  • Get satisfaction from interesting study, learning about yourself and the nature
    • you learn modern interpretations of classical concepts of chinese martial arts,
    • you achieve experience of acting in situations both comfortable and extremely challenging,
    • it helps you to become successfull in many fields,
    • better knowledge about yourself enables authentic self-development,

Yiquan can be practiced by anyone. Some people can concentrate on combat training, some can concentrate on health aspect and some other on the satisfaction coming from learning and on personal development.
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