Articles: B. Yiquan - theory

About ideal and real pushing hands

Excerpt from a book "Yiquan concepts", written by Xie Yongguang, based on teachings of Yao Chengguang.

About yi - practicing counciously

The essence of a martial art is best explained by the use of the spirit and the energy of body. When limbs are moving, body is stretching and shrinking, blood is flowing freely, health improves and body becomes stronger – this is related to the aspect of the energy of body.

Combat efficiency of yiquan

Combat efficiency of Yiquan. Interview with master Chen Ming.

Cultivating qi

People who practice martial arts talk a lot about cultivating qi. There are many opinions.  

Do you realize this?

It happens quite often, that people seeing yiquan sparrings or competitions (not too many of those were organized so far though) comment and criticize yiquan people for not protecting their head and not keeping proper guard or tight guard and generally lack of defense. Very often they comment: "this is just like very bad, low level boxing or kick-boxing" or "they should rather learn some boxing or kick-boxing instead wasting time for this shit".

Interview with Zhao Daoxin
Traditional Chinese martial arts are old men arts. Old is seen as equal to saint, authority, deep knowledge. But for old man it's hard to raise leg for kick, and each falling down can be dangerous. So this hidden weakness of old master, in teaching process becomes taboo of "not loosing balance".

Motor coordination abilities and mental training in Yiquan

I hope that the above 'glimpses' will help you to get at least some general idea about character of yiquan training and to understand the relationship between our training methods and the concept of developing and improving motor coordination abilities with use of ideomotor training.

Notes on Yiquan and other martial arts

Notes on Yiquan and other martial arts

Practice benefits
Better knowledge about yourself enables authentic self-development

Shi li - testing strength

This is an excerpt from „The new chapter of yiquan” - the teachings of yiquan founder Wang Xiangzhai recorded in 1939 by Qi Zhidu. The reader should not see these theories as a basis of modern yiquan, bus more as historical material, which can help to understand the process of the gradual development of yiquan.

Skill of facing opponent

From Wang Xiangzhai's teachings recorded in writing by Qi Zhidu in 1939.

Subtlety is the Key

Your mistake is that you are doing the seeking force too fast. It makes it too rough, not subtle enough, so it affects development and use of hunyuan li.

Theory of yiquan shi li

Only thanks to hard practice on the stage of "using method", you can move to the stage of "no method".

Turning foot

People are often asking why in some schools of yiquan practitioners lift heel and turn foot while punching and in other schools they don't. Which way is right and which is wrong?

Understanding of human body

The martial arts came into being from a need to increase chances of a victory in a fight or chances of survival in self-defense. With time it turned up, that most of the fighting styles have also other effects, for example health cultivation, condition-improvement, self-cognition, character building or fun-filling-up of the leisure time.

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