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1 duan program

First grade program

2 duan program

2 duan program

3 duan program

3 duan program

Detailed training programme

Detailed training programme of Yiquan Academy, based on the programme designed by master Yao Chengguang. There is only some difference in the order of excercises and in dividing them into modules. We put all of them in 18 modules vs. 33 modules in master Yao original programme.

Free e-books

Yiquan Academy is offering free e-books for all those who want to gain some basic information about Yiquan.

Headquarters classes

Yiquan Academy headquarters classes - taught by Andrzej Kalisz

Individual learning

Yiquan individual learning in Warsaw, Poland

International courses

Yiquan Academy is providing opportunity of learning Yiquan by participating in intensive international courses and seminars.

International Yiquan Academy headquarters & affiliates

The founder and chief instructor of Yiquan Academy is Andrzej Kalisz - top representative of master Yao Chengguang abroad.

Materials for our students

These materials in english translation are available for Yiquan Academy students (including participants of our seminars).


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Yiquan Academy Training Program

Outline of Yiquan Academy Training Program - Master Yao Chengguang's system

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