Xie Yongguang
Posted by Andrzej Kalisz on October 24 2011 17:41:50

Yao Chengguang and Xie Yongguang


Xie Yongguang was born in 1978 roku in Handan, Hebei province.


Hi learned standard modern wushu, sanda, taekwondo, boxing. In 1999 he started learning yiquan with master Yao Chengguang.


From 2003 he also started learning taijiquan from master Qiao Songmao. He got gold medals at Hebei province taijiquan championship in 2004, international taijiquan tournament in 2005, taijiquan tournament at international wushu festival in Hong Kong in 2007.


Apart from training, he puts a lot of attention to theoretical studies. He published dozens of articles in "Zhonghua Wushu", "Wuhun", "Wulin", "Boji", "Wudang", "Shaolin yu Taiji". His books "Yiquan concepts", "Yiquan training methods", "Yiquan san shou", "Yiquan tui shou", were published by Beijing Sports University Publishing House". His paper "Cultural analysis of the wushu master - teacher system" received prize at a wushu scientific conference in 2010. Many of his articles were translated into English and Polish. 


He graduated from wushu department of Hebei province Sports University. In 2006 he started post-graduate program at Beijing Sports University. Presently he is the head of sports training department at a Technical College in Handan.


He is a member of Chinese Wushu Association, 6 duan.


Xie Yongguang