Yiquan spring course 2021
Posted by Andrzej Kalisz on February 03 2020 00:26:06

Yiquan spring course 2021

Extended News

Yiquan Academy Spring Course

Warsaw, Poland


17-25 April 2021


Because of the Covid situation and deep lockdown which is announced at the moment for big part of January, with possibility of making it longer, we had to cancel the winter course, which was originally planned 23-31 January 2021. Instead of this similiar course well be organized in Spring 2021. The excact dates will be announced when the situation becomes more predictable.


For both beginners and those who have been already learning with us.


Beginners will start from the first module of the training program designed by master Yao Chengguang.


Those who already learned some part of the program, will have opportunity to learn next modules and work on improving pushing hands skills.


All participants will get access to the newly produced training videos in English, which by that time should cover at least 1/3 of the basic level programme (aka "full system"). Those videos will be available through special private group on Facebook.


The schedule:


Saturday: 16:30-21:00
Sunday: 10:00-14:30
Monday: 14:30-18:30
Tuesday: 15:30-18:30
Wednesday: 14:30-18:30
Thursday: 15:30-18:30
Friday: 16:30-21:00
Saturday: 11:00-14:30 + banquet after the classes
Sunday: 10:00-14:30



Yiquan Academy gym, No 1 Wawolnicka street, Warsaw, Poland + outdoors




150 Euro for the 9 days course (or for 6 and more days of the course)


100 Euro for those who completed the basic level programme already (must be confirmed by us)


50 Euro for those who completed the intermediate level programme already (must be confirmed by us)


25 Euro/day if paying for shorter periods.


Additional info and registrations:


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