Yiquan winter course 2022
Posted by Andrzej Kalisz on February 03 2020 00:26:06

Yiquan winter course 2022

Extended News

Winter intensive course for various level students of Yiquan

Warsaw, Poland 20 - 26 February 2022


Opportunity of learning Master Yao Chengguang's Yiquan method in systematic way - the participants can learn two  sections of the programme during a two weeks course (basic level programme consistes of 6 sections).


All participants will get access to newly produced training videos in English, which by that time will cover at least 1/3 of the basic programme. Those videos will be available through special private group on Facebook.


Here you can view sample lessons


You can participate in whole two weeks course or one week (sunday to saturday).


Courses schedule (can undergo some small changes):



Times of training are arranged in such way, so people from Warsaw can participate in afternoon classes withouth need of taking vacation.

Those coming from outside should use mornings for additional repetitions. 


The trainings are in our gym at No 1 Wawolnicka street. Might move to a bigger gym if there are more participants.




Shorter periods:

Those is training fees only, not including accomodation, food or other costs. 


We suggest accomodation in one of cheap hostels or hotels near the training place.


Registration and additional information: