Wu (Hao) Tai Chi and Qigong workshop
Posted by Andrzej Kalisz on March 03 2023 15:06:15

Wu (Hao) Tai Chi and Qigong workshop

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Tai Chi



8-11 June 2023



Sudetes mountains, Poland. Przesieka near Karpacz and Jelenia Gora. About 2 hours 30 minutes by train from Wroclaw and then a few kilometers by bus or taxi to our villa. Possibly arranging some or our participants who come by car receiving you from the railay station. You can get to Wroclaw by air or by train directly from many places in Europe.


Instructor: the chief instructor of Yiquan Academy - Andrzej Kalisz - a disciple of Yiquan master Yao Chengguang, a student of Wu style Taijiquan master Zhai Weichuan, representing his school in Poland.



Accomodation in a beautifully located wooden villa with a training hall. Wim Hof's seminars were organized in the same villa. It is often used for Tai Chi, Yoga or meditation retreats. Mountain river next to the house and a beautiful waterfall nearby. Vegetarian breakfasts and suppers. 


There are 8 rooms: one for the instructor and 7 for the participants. Maximum number of people (single beds): 18. There are 2 bathrooms with showers and toilets. There is also aditional toilet. Bring your own towels.


No smoking (including e-cigaretes) in the villa.


Between morning (Qigong) and afternoon (Taiji) classes there is time for sightseeing and having lunch outside on your own.


The workshop programme will cover:




Tui shou


The Taiji classes will be divided into 3 parts:

Those who will register can receive access to instructional videos of Wu style 13 form through our private group on Facebook. The access will be granted after the payment received.

Planned schedule:


Thursday, June 8

Friday, June 9

Saturday, June 10

Sunday, June 11

There are places in 2, 3 i 4 beds rooms (all single beds). The choice of rooms in order of payments, according to the sex of people who have alreday fixed acccomodation.


Cost - including accomodation, vegetarian breakfasts and suppers, both Qigong and Tai Chi training:


260 Euro


Early birds (payment must be made until March 30): 200 Euro


Full refund possible only if the workshop will be cancelled. If someone will not appear after the payment made, there will be no refund, but the sum can be used as a payment or part of payment for our other workshops (Yiquan, Taijiquan, Qigong etc.) organized in Poland.