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Yiquan is a kind of kung-fu, which particularly stresses the use of awareness and mind activity in training, developing perfect mind and body coordination, revealing the natural human potential. You will find here a fascinating learning process, method of nurturing health and combative training.

Seminar in Florence

Yiquan Academy seminar was organized in Florence, Italy.


Added on 26 February 2020

Winter course 2020

Yiquan Academy winter intensive course was organized in Warsaw, Poland


Added on 2 February 2020

New chapter of Yiquan

Translation of "New chapter of Yiquan" has been added to the e-books section.


Added on 29 December 2019

Seminar in Zagreb

Yiquan Academy seminar was organized in Zagreb, Croatia


Added on 24 November 2019

Seminar in Florence

Yiquan Academy seminar was organized in Florence, Italy


Added on 18 November 2019

Longer courses

Early summer course

27 June - 2 July 2020

Summer course

19 July - 1 August 2020

Winter course

23-31 January 2021

Shorter seminars

Seminar in Florence, Italy

25-26 April 2020

Training with master Yao

Zongxun Wuguan, Beijing, China

August 2020

Training in Beijing
Quoting Wang Xiangzhai

The stress in this art is put on mind, feeling, training the natural strength. Generally it can be said, that it is developing the feeling of interrelation between body and surrounding air. Talking more about details, it can be said that the basis is following the principles of nature, developing roundness of feeling and square strength at the same time, when form is curved, but the force straight, when there is no fixed proportion between empty and full, you are developing the ability of using alive force according to situation, based on feeling.


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