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Yiquan has various aspects

Yiquan is a kind of kung-fu, which is rapidly becoming popular. It particularly stresses the use of awareness and mind activity in training, developing perfect mind and body coordination, revealing the natural human potential. You will find here a fascinating learning process, method of nurturing health and combative training.

Yiquan workshop in Warsaw

A weekend Yiquan seminar was organized in Warsaw, Poland. Depending on their level participants were learning various modules of the training program. Zhan zhuang, shi li, fa li and tui shou was covered.


Added on 17 October 2017

Training in Beijing 2016

Yiquan Academy group trained with master Yao Chengguang at his Zongxun Wuguan school in Beijing, China. Participants were divided into two groups, depending on their level.


Added on 27 September 2017

Xie Yongguang in Singapore

Master Yao Chengguang's disciple - Xie Yongguan taught an Yiquan seminar in Singapore. He was invited by Ge Chunnian - many times wushu champion of China and a movie star.


Added on 5 August 2016

Longer courses

Winter course

21-29 January 2017

Summer courses

16 July - 6 August 2017

Shorter seminars

Florence, Italy

29-30 October 2016

Florence, Italy

14-15 January 2017

Florence, Italy

18-19 March 2017

Florence, Italy

20-21 May 2017

Training with master Yao

Zongxun Wuguan, Beijing, China

26 June - 1 July 2017

China 2017
Quoting Wang Xiangzhai

Although health nourishing postures are exercises of “seeking movement in non-movement, seeking non-movement in movement”, which beginners are doing using certain positions, but there shouldn’t be too strictly determined posture or time of practice. It can be adjusted according to body and health condition, without giving practitioner too much burden.

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